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Official complaint about spanish mod


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The Spanish mod spears people and insults players with his friends.
Today I told his friend @KOALITA who insults me every day in the chat that he doesn't interest me and that I ignore him anyway etc. after he thinks he can play his games again with his insults.
The player was not given a BAN because he is friends with the mod.
But this player insults me every day and the mod tolerates it and as you can see even participates.
A mod is not allowed to make common cause with friends but had to be uninvolved.
There are several players who know the problem and know and BC let such people apparently mod.
I had already said it 6 months ago and nothing was done.
This time an official complaint and please for clarification and answer on the part of BC Admin

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2 hours ago, allykay said:

You can leave a review Here

I've done all that, and not just there.
But I would still like an answer from BC on this

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