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BET ID is misleading players


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Consider the bet ID above.
Support state that that BET ID has no functional use for the player.

Assuming that to be true, we can deduce the following:

>It is there for the Casino's benefit
>It's positioned to ensure that the player is most likely to see it.
>It conveys the false impression that the bet data can be recalled with that reference ID number. 
> Player's can't ever see that bet data again as there is no accessible record.

So in summary we can conclude that Bc.game
1: do not want the players to have detailed records of their bet data
2: This objective is of significant importance to BC.game that they will actively mislead the players in attempting to achieve that goal.

So my question is why would bc.game not want the player to have easy access to their bet record data?


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On 7/25/2022 at 9:29 PM, allykay said:

It's prob because they pay out a different amount then what the game states. I even have a video and they still will not pay out the correct amount

Really?  I have never noticed that. I should pay closer attention to the payouts.

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On 7/27/2022 at 5:53 PM, allykay said:

Yes, you should. The games that do it are still up and still have the glitches. The site has known about it since atleast May. 

When I first reported it, I was told the display amount would be honored. I contacted them to let them know the game did not pay out the displayed amount, I was asked why I would think I would get paid that displayed amount. Like, really?!

that is disappointing to hear.

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