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Airdrop from the yobit exchange


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Yobit exchange is giving away FUSD cryptocurrency until June of this year for performing simple actions.

First, you can register on the exchange by following the link to take part in the giveaway https://yobit.net/airdrop/bonus/fbqkX/.

After you register, go to the Airdrop, it is at the top and do simple tasks.

For the registration you can get a one-time fee of 300 FUSD, the remaining tasks can be performed daily.

Daily tasks:

For one deposit - 700 Fast Dollars.
For one trade - 900 Fast Dollars
For 1 swap in defi market - 900 Fast Dollars
For farming - 1100 Fast Dollars
For 10 Dice - 1200 Fast Dollars
500 Fast Dollars for 1 tweet on Twitter
For 10 chat messages - 400 Fast Dollars
For a YouTube video: 1400 Fast Dollars
For a TikTok video - 1400 Fast Dollars
For a Facebook post 500 Fast Dollars
For VK post - 500 Fast Dollars
30% of Referrals - 100 Fast Dollars + 30% of Referrals fees
For checking users - 100 Fast Dollars

I personally perform daily:

Deposit, 1 trade, 1 swap in defi, play 10 dice with cheapest coin, tweet on twitter, 10 chat messages.

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