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Just wanted to jot down some ideas that I think would be welcomed additions.

- Time for when Coco is set to Appear (Either before or after even if it's just a few minutes) 
- The ability to add emojis (several) to messages, wins and loses shared. (Can cut down on message spam when an emoji can suffice)
- The ability to drop/rain to specific channels (Can cut down on sever lag/click events. Gives users in that channel a better chance to get/share with friends)
- The ability to Vote as a community to temporarily mute someone whos' bein disrespectful and or begging when mods aren't around. (50+ votes? maybe users can send that person a mute coin? and after x amount they're muted temporarily? lol)
- The ability to clear all @ Tags in chat at once without having to click through them.
- The ability to clear all pm's at once
- The ability to ignore ALL friend requests at once
- Additional daily tasks that rotate and involve other games, and different bet/multi goals
- Hourly tasks that rotate that include varying games/bets/multis
- An increase to Rakeback % the amount per $100-1k+ is a bit underwhelming
- Remove BCD Locks from Daily Wheel Spin
- Add additional Wheel Spins throughout the Day
- User Stats should be visible at all times. 7 days, 24 hours, 30 days
- Additional coins for recharge
- Once you get to a certain threshold for recharge, it should retain some of its original value from the previous week and accumulate over the month.
- Group chats or channels
- VIP Only chats

Edited: 3/29/2020 1:05am
- Reduce the time for Recharges with x amount of JB coins scaled appropriately for 10m, hourly, daily recharges

More to come probably.. 🙂

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