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Anyone help me....

Is it possible in var config base bet value as the current bet and it's change as the current bet change.

This is the only way to beat the crash

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So i am fairly sure that you cannot have the UI change as you try to change those values.  Think of the config.basebet like it was in a seperate config file.  I think that in order to get the UI to reflect what is in there you would have to force it to reload after changing the values.  Unfortunately i haven't looked at the code to know  if that gets done more than just the first time you click run initially (not start but when you load the script and UI).  I am going to investigate this further and get back to you as I also would like to change the UI to reflect actual bet values. For the time being i am just logging a silly amount.  So that i know what my last bet was but i want to be able to stop and resume while maintaining state.

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I just reread this and i think i understand what you are asking now.


and yes you would just store it in its own variable anything in the config object treat as a constant. so just 

var basebet = config.basebet.value;

var currentbet = config.basebet.value;


then in your game you can increment them however you want. maybe like
basebet *= 1.1;
currentbet = basebet+2;

or whatever your pleasesure there just make sure when you are placing the bet you actually use the variables you setup and you will be fine.


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